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Hillary Celebration Election Win Early! Priceless!

Saturday, June 2, 2018




Hillary Celebrates Election Steal Early! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.




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The video was secretly taken inside Hillary's campaign headquarters on election night.  It was leaded to LiveLeak and caused chaos!  It's only a few seconds long but it will warm your heart to see the wicked witch celebrate early and her rapist husband jumping up and down at the thought of getting to assault more Whitehouse interns!  Hillary allowed no cell phones around her so I hope the person who shot this brief clip didn't get sacrificed to Molech as many people around Clinton have a habit of dying of suicides with multiple bullets to the head!




Tom Heneghan goes over in the video how all our elections have been hacked since 2000 and how only the US military stopped Hillary from the steal this time!  She had already hacked 5 states with help from her master - H.W. Bush.  She lost the popular vote by a WIDE margin too.  




Tom told us on another program the US military had traced the election hacking to CIA headquarters in Virginia.  According to what Tom was told, the military flew an F-16 jet over CIA headquarters very low and loud and called them up.  They asked them if they heard the flyover.   They said Yes.   They were then told if they didn't break the connection to the election computers on the next pass they were going to drop bombs!  The CIA dropped the connection and that's when the numbers started moving again and Trump won!  We'll never know the names of the patriots who stopped Hillary from stealing the election!






Of course I can't prove this is exactly what happened but Tom was told this the next morning by US and French intelligence sources!  Tom has a LOT of connections and he gets information before most.  He broke the Stefan Halper information days before Alex Jones who said he broke it!  




Only the brave men and women taking part in stopping the theft of our election know exactly what happened that glorious night evil was stopped in its tracks!  But I can tell you this.  Those of you who stayed up for the entire election saw how the numbers stopped all of sudden for over an hour!  They weren't allowing ANY numbers to come in on those critical states Trump needed to win!   I was going NUTS!   I saw it all happen and many of you who stayed up did too!  I was screaming at my TV,  "Why are the numbers not moving any more!"   This is the time when Hillary and her evil ones were trying to steal the election using the same technology Bush used to steal the election from Gore in 2000!  This is what Tom talks about in the clip above.



Watch Bush hack the election and steal it live on TV and watch how things change all of sudden!  Bush talks about his "Brody Technology was not working!"  They had to go back to the Governor's mansion and steal it using British Galileo satellites according to Tom's intelligence sources.  Our elections are FAKE just like our NEWS and our Medicine!  Trump is our ONLY hope to fix things so pray for him daily!  Trump needs to stop messing around and FIX our elections so they can't be stolen.  He's done nothing so far on this and it's the MOST important thing to fix.  I pray he does soemthing soon!  We must go back to manual ballots with all ballots saved for 2 years so we can audit them.  Anybody convicted of doing any type of election fraud should do a mandatory 10 years in prison and there must be tons of checks and balances!





George W. Bush Election Theft from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


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